ChoirFest Story 

"Music has a unique quality. It transcends language, distance and time. It can communicate even when we cannot.  Its power brings people together."

That was the inspiration behind ChoirFest Middle East, which was founded in 2013 by The Fridge Managing Director, Shelley Frost and composer, Joanna Marsh, as a platform to showcase the rich choral community in the Middle East and beyond. ChoirFestME has since established itself as the biggest choral festival in the region, welcoming choirs from diverse backgrounds and traditions from across the MENASA region, and impacting the lives of over 4,500 people per year.
Set across the vibrant and cosmopolitan Emirates of the UAE, the festival encourages choirs to learn, develop and flourish through exchange with world class choral professionals. Celebrated during a two-week long festival of concerts, workshops, and Choir of the Year competitions across all age groups, it culminates in a spectacular Gala Concert.
We are delighted to announce that the Youth Competition will now expand to all seven Emirates providing an opportunity for every public and private school in the country to take part.
ChoirFest features choral societies, school and university choirs, a cappella groups, chamber choirs and gospel choirs as well as unison and mixed voice choirs singing non-western music. ChoirFestME has hosted participating choirs from across the UAE and wider region including Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Palestine and Jordan. 

Founded in 2013, ChoirFestME is open to choirs of all abilities, ages and musical styles.