Frequently Asked Questions

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1How can my choir apply for participation in ChoirFest ME 2024?
The 2024 Choir Application forms may be completed online by clicking here.
2Is there a participation fee?
Yes, there is a participation fee. Please refer to the registration page.
3Are prizes awarded during ChoirFest ME?
ChoirFest ME is a semi-competitive event, based on the idea of bringing people together to share in friendship, singing and harmony. Thus, prizes are awarded to motivate our enthusiastic participants
4If we cannot submit our application materials digitally, where should we mail our application materials?
If you are shipping your application by courier (UPS, FedEx, etc.) please send to: The Fridge Warehouse 5, Alserkal Avenue, Street 17, AL QUOZ 1, Dubai. +971 4 347 7793
5If accepted, what expenses are involved for choirs?
All choirs are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from the UAE, and for any sightseeing trips or other travel that is not part of the ChoirFest Me. A limited number of regional choirs will receive funds based on their financial situation and after bursary scheme pack consideration. Once here, regional choir members are provided with food, lodging and local transportation during Festival week. The Festival provides local transportation from their hotel to rehearsals, performances, and all Festival social events.
6Does the ChoirFest ME arrange other concerts during our time in Dubai?
ChoirFest ME can sometimes arrange a limited number of “Outreach” concerts for a choir. These arrangements depend on the availability of host communities, as well as available grant funding which allows us to offset the costs. Outreach concerts are arranged by request, on a case-by-case basis.
7What will our schedule be during the week of the ChoirFest ME?
A week prior to your arrival, each singer / choir will be given a complete schedule of events. The most current concert schedule will be available on our website. Refer to Schedule page
8What transportation arrangements will be made for me during the Choral Festival?
All choirs arriving by plane to Dubai International Airport will be met by a private bus and transferred to their hotel. General transportation will be arranged to and from all concert and official event venues as well as to/from the airport.
9What is the weather like in Dubai during Jan - Feb?
The average April temperature in Dubai, according to the National Weather Service, is 16 at its lowest to 25 degree at its highest. You can plan on warm days and slightly cooler nights.
10What is the dress code for workshops, concert evenings and gala concert?
The dress code must be smart casual at all time – no shorts or casual slippers are allowed. For the Gala concert, it is mandatory to have decent smart clothes prepared from morning and with you at all time.
11Will there be a merchandise kiosk?
Yes, there will be. A selection of merchandise items will be displayed for selling purpose.
12Can Choirs bring their records to sell it?
Yes, this is possible but we will need all material to be sent to us at least a month before the event with all the information.
13Who should I contact during the Festival if I get lost or have a problem?
Should you have a question, problem or concern during the ChoirFest ME, please contact: Virginie Garnier - The Festival telephone number is +971 4 347 7793, or contact us via email.
14Can we bring instruments with us?
Yes. Instruments are permitted but we will need to be informed in advance to make sure luggage allowance is enough for traveling choirs. We provide a Grand Piano for those wishing to have accompaniment. Choirs may also opt to perform a cappella.
15We have a pianist – do they need a ticket for the festival?
Yes, all those attending need a ticket.
16Will our performance be critiqued?
There is a wonderful opportunity to receive some feedback by our expert panel of workshop leaders who will make notes on your performance.
17Is the festival being recorded?
Yes, however no recording CD will be available for purchase. The video will be accessible on our website a few weeks post event.
18How long will my choir get to perform?
Depending on the numbers of choirs performing, each choir will have the opportunity of performing for up to 8 minutes. This can be a cappella or with piano (a grand piano is available for use at the venue). Backing tracks are not permitted. Choirs will be notified of exactly how long their allocated slot will be nearer to the time of the Festival.
19I’ve not had much workshop experience – Is this for me?
Whether you are new to workshops, a new choir, have been to workshops before or you are a 100-year old choir, this festival is designed for everyone and will offer something for everyone. It is a community festival bringing choirs together to learn, develop and perform.
20Can we team up with another choir to perform?
You certainly can – so long as we are aware in advance (min of 10 days prior to the event), you are welcome to pair up with one or more choirs to stage your performance.
21What size does my choir need to be?
Choirs can take part so long as there are 4 or more attendees present. In terms of the largest group, that is dependent on ticket availability. If you want to bring your 100-strong choir, as long as there are tickets available you are very welcome.
22What do I need to prepare for the festival?
You won’t need to prepare a great deal – just bring yourself, perhaps a pencil and pad for any notes you may like to take, loose clothing (we suggest wearing in layers in case of changes to temperature), and an open mind. Though refreshments may be available, we do recommend you bring plenty of water, snacks and a packed lunch if you prefer not to find somewhere in the vicinity.
23What if I have special requirements?
Should you have any special requirements, these can be sent to us for consideration up to ten days before the event. contact us
24What styles of music will be covered in the workshops?
The ChoirFest ME is designed for all types of choirs, whether you are a cappella, classical, pop, rock, jazz or gospel. The workshops will teach and develop techniques in a range of styles to help all types of choirs. There will be something for everyone!
25Is there disabled access?
We are doing our best to ensure that access is smooth for everyone.